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Hummel Bless This Child Baptism Wall Cross

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Sister Maria Innocentia (Berta) Hummel, OFM

Berta Hummel was born on May 21, 1909, in the little Bavarian town of Massing, the third daughter of Adolf and Viktoria Hummel. Berta was early nicknamed "Hummelchen"- the Little Bumble Bee. A friend later wrote that Berta was "a bright light filling our grateful hearts with its soft radiance."

Berta, a lively child, grew up in a home nurtured by a strong family and the Catholic Church. She was precociously perceptive, and rendered the people and surroundings of her town into portraits and images early on, with the village youngsters clamoring for more. Berta attended the Massing Primary School, staffed by the Sisters of Notre Dame, moving from there at age 12 into a Catholic Boarding School. In 1931 she graduated at the top of her class from the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich. A month later she entered the Franciscan Convent of Siessen, and in 1934, she took her first vows as Sister Maria Innocentia, OFM.

The Nazis made life very difficult for the nuns, not allowing them any heat during the freezing winters. Sister Innocentia died of tuberculosis in 1946 at the tender age of 37.

Sister Hummel's message of love and celebrating the innocence of children lives on in her artwork. We are pleased to continue the spirit of her message in our new Bless This Child baby collection.

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