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The Story of Easter coloring book (12 book set)

The Story of Easter Coloring Book (12 book set)

$ 24.50

From Aquinas Kids, these children's coloring books will bring hours of joy to kids everywhere.   Our coloring books are sold in sets of 12, so if you need 24 books please checkout using qty 2 only. Paperback, 32 pages -- 7.5" W x 10.25" H

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White leatherette starter Bible (4 book set)

White Leatherette Starter Bible (4 book set)

$ 40.00

This new starter Bible includes 47 exciting stories, each beautifully illustrated to capture a child's vivid imagination and enhance his or her exploration of the Bible. The 96-page hardcover book features a Table of Contents for easy reference and a presentation page, making it ideal for gift giving. Developed for children ages 5-9 in the read-...

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