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Sterling Silver Jewelry FYI

Sterling Silver Jewelry FYI
A healthy bit of information about sterling silver re-posted from my wholesale companies geology expert: Silver is composed of 92.5% silver alloyed with copper to strengthen it. It has one of the highest levels of reflectivity of any metal, giving it unmatched brilliance and making it perfect for jewelry designs. In the past, silver has been relatively abundant and easy to extract from ore, making it relatively affordable for jewelry lovers. At various times in history, silver was even more valued than gold and had a mystical allure to it, often being associated with celestial phases and lunar goddesses. Hallmarking of silver places a stamped mark on the silver to identify its origin and purity. Today, silver jewelry is more popular than ever. Unlike other more expensive precious metals like gold or platinum, silver jewelry can appeal and be affordable to a wider audience. From youthful and trendy designs to the more stately and classic, jewelry made in sterling silver is here to stay.

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